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Yokohama Tires for Cars, Light Trucks, and SUVs

Koplin Auto Care & Tire Pros in Fremont, NE is an authorized dealer and installer of Yokohama tires for all types of cars, SUVs, and light trucks. With our online shopping service, you can compare tires and prices made specifically for your vehicle and schedule an appointment for professional installation once you’ve made your decision. Want the peace of mind of a trusted brand that’s been manufacturing superior tires for over a century? Yokohama is the brand for you.

Choose From Yokohama’s Quality Line of Tires

Are you beginning your search for Yokohama tires for your vehicle? You’ve come to the right place. Not only does our team of certified technicians offer professional installation, but we’ll help explain the difference between the products in the Yokohama tire catalog.


This line includes all-season and touring options ideal for cars, crossovers, and minivans. While all-season tires offer the convenience of year-round use, a touring tire can offer that as well as more responsive handling.


Are you a light truck or SUV owner? We recommend the Geolandar tire from Yokohama, which is manufactured to handle highway driving, off-road conditions, and everything between the two.


You don’t have to own a performance car to buy Advan tires from Yokohama. Even sedan drivers who want a sportier look on their wheels will find high-performing options for better grip and a slick look to match their car.


When you know you’ll be battling icy conditions and snow-filled roads and want a little more grip, these all-winter tires are your best bet from Yokohama. Sizes are available for light trucks, SUVs, minivans, and passenger cars.


Luxury vehicle owners who want to stand out bumper to bumper will find beautiful wheel options from Yokohama in the Parada line. These tires combine looks and performance for the best of both worlds.


This is Yokohama's offering to provide drivers with improved traction and handling in winter conditions while contributing to the initiative of creating tires that lessen the environmental impact of driving. BluEarth tires offer better gas mileage than traditional winter tires.

Yokohama Tires for All Driving Conditions

Drivers in Fremont, NE must be prepared for all types of driving conditions throughout the year as the seasons change. Whether you want to switch between summer and winter tires or prefer the convenience of all-season tires, Koplin Auto Care & Tire Pros has an option from Yokohama at a price in your budget range. Start shopping online for tires and visit us for expert installation.

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