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We Carry Uniroyal Tires at Koplin Auto Care & Tire Pros

Drivers in Fremont, NE will find a quality set of Uniroyal tires and professional installation services at Koplin Auto Care & Tire Pros. We are your best choice when you need new tires for your car, minivan, crossover, light truck, or SUV. Uniroyal started out as the U.S. Rubber Company in 1892, and with its history of manufacturing quality products, they are trusted by millions of drivers across the country. As long as cars are on the road, Uniroyal will be there, providing a smooth ride on the pavement.

We’ll Make Sure You Choose the Right Tire

If there’s one thing we can rely on, it’s that driving conditions will never be the same for anyone. The vehicle you drive, the area you live in, the weather outside your window, and the road conditions you pass over will all play a role in which type of Uniroyal tire is best for you. Points to consider include:

Comfort & Handling

Are you commuting to the office or driving the kids to school? Comfort and handling are probably important. Touring tires are the best for a quiet and comfortable ride.

Handling & Performance

If traction and managing tight corners are on your mind, high-performance tires are designed to handle this, even at higher speeds. These are popular sports cars and high-performance vehicles.

Durability & Traction

Owners of light pickup trucks and SUVs know the importance of these traits, especially when it comes to off-road conditions. Even for on-road conditions, specific tires for SUVs will improve comfort.

Snow & Ice

Tough winter conditions will always be something to manage in our area. Winter tires are designed to perform in icy, snowy, and cold conditions during wet and dry times.


Most drivers will find this to be the best option for their car, minivan, light truck, or SUV. The deep channels cut through the water and are durable for extended tread life.

Find Your Set of Uniroyal Tires

Koplin Auto Care & Tire Pros offers tire sales, installation, and wheel alignments to ensure your vehicle is ready for wherever the road takes you. You can explore our selection of Uniroyal tires on our website from the comfort of your home. The best part is, if you find the perfect set for your car and budget, you can complete the purchase online and make an appointment for installation without leaving the couch. You won’t find an easier way to shop for tires.

Auto Maintenance and Tire Sales

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